Back to Nature

When you first meet Katie Wells, you will notice a number of things about her. But if you are like most, it is her eyes that will draw you in, take hold of you, and lock you in as if you were a prisoner in Paradise.

Magnificent. Startling. Engaging. Mesmerizing. Sensual. Magnetic…

Blue. But not just any blue.

They are two pools of blue. Pools that sparkle. Pools that invite you to dive in and explore. They are as natural blue as the first bubbling spring in the Garden of Eden. Innocent and natural. Created by God Himself.

When I first saw Katie, it was at a gala event. Music and dancing with only the slightest whiff of pretentiousness.

Her eyes beckoned to me. I walked over to her. Besides practically tripping and falling into her eyes, I sensed a natural, clean smell about her. The kind you get after a well-deserved bath.

After a few pleasantries, I couldn’t help myself.

“My dear, I love the natural smell about you. Clean and refreshing.”

She laughed. “I wish,” she said as she pushed back a few strands of impressively blonde hair, exposing dark auburn roots. “It’s called ‘Agua del Bano.’ I picked it up from a street vendor last week.”

I struggled to recover from my faux pas. Something. Anything.

Ah, her dress! A shimmering black flair dress. Sassy. Feminine. Mystical.

“I see you are wearing a Ralph Lauren original?”

“You are too much,” she said, hitting me lightly on the shoulder. “It’s a Ralph Lauren knock off. See?” She lifted the tag on the back of the dress for me to inspect.

“Dolph Lorain?” I sputtered. “Never heard of him.”

“Me neither.”

Her blue eyes beckoned me to continue. So, I did.

“Let me just say you have a beautiful smile.”


“And your eye lashes, like spring butterflies in flight.”


“But you radiate the beauty of youth.”


Her right eye began to twitch ever so slightly. Twitching more. It was red and watering.

“Is everything alright?”

She didn’t answer. Instead, she stomped her right foot on the floor, then the left. Her fists clenched.

“Please. What can I do to help?”

“Damn contacts,” she said through gritted teeth. She brought a finger up to her right eye and quickly dislodged the contact lens, revealing a natural cloudy gray color. Natural as the first cloudy gray day in the Garden of Eden.

Innocent and natural. Created by God Himself.

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