Goodbye Salt n Pepper

Salt and pepper
Photo courtesy of Marina Semesh


Salt and pepper on my table
Standing together ready and able
Making my food taste oh so good
Working together as they should

But oh what’s this? A little change
Please don’t think me very strange
But salt right now is all I need
The pepper today can take its leave

“Oh” they say, “you don’t like the black one?”
“Your raging spite had better be soon done”
From the truth nothing could be further
I’d just like salt upon my burger

“Racist!” “Bigot!” “Jerk” they yell
“From our grace you certainly fell”
“Thinking white much better than black”
“Now we see you’re a bigoted hack”

Not true! Not true! You hear my cries
Watch me put pepper upon my fries
Not appeased, not too happy
The offended party was feeling scrappy

“We’ll report you, We won’t fail”
“You’ll be picked up, thrown in jail”
“Your racist rant has caused much harm”
“Your racist rant brings much alarm”

To my jail cell arrived newspapers
Filled with news about devious capers
Then I read with some surprise
About my crime and some french fries

From now on no more salt for me
No sir pepper is all I need
Noodles, popcorn, Margaritas too
Pepper only on all my food

“Racist! Bigot!” the white ones yell
“From our grace you certainly fell”
“Thinking black much better than white”
“We’ll report you because of your spite”

In this jail I sit and rot
Not one bite, no tater tots
No food, no pepper, no salt today
I’ll be dead by Saturday

Sunday came, the papers read
“Bigoted racist finally dead”
“Hated the whites and the black ones too”
“Should have put purple on his food”

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